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Lead Staff

Manuel "Manny" Arjona
Executive Chef

Carlos Rubio
General Manager

Francisco Santana
Bar Manager

Beronica Perez
Staffing Manager

Hezir "Jesse" Arjona
Special Events / Marketing

Yucatan spirit in the heart of sonoma


The culture and food of the Mayan region of Mexico differs from northern Mexico in many ways due to European and Caribbean influence. The Mayan flavors of the Yucatan are vibrant, spicy and delightful. Their energy exudes in Mayan restaurants: eating exciting food, drinking great tequila, laughing & dancing with friends and family.

We hope that our creative and exuberant staff, the temple of tequila, and the company of good friends & neighbors will fill you with the Yucatan Spirit here in the Heart of Sonoma!